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Why Can’t Eraño Manalo and Eduardo Manalo Preach on Television?

Let us look for the qualities of the preacher that is being made a leader of God’s people, let us compare, and let us see in the Bible if these qualities can be found in the executive ministers of the church of Felix Manalo.

Can members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo stand by and be proud of their deputy executive minister, Eduardo Manalo? If the executive minister Eraño Manalo is now too old to preach, why doesn’t that second in command show up on television? Why can’t the nation hear him? Why doesn’t he have any program? Even if just to read the Bible in front of the viewing public, why can’t this “preacher” preach? These are Biblical points that members of the Iglesia Ni Manalo and those who plan to join them should seriously consider.

But of course we cannot expect these things anymore. This Eduardo Manalo, considering that he is the deputy executive minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, he cannot go public. He and his father are afraid to preach even if it is taped. If they cannot open a program such as Itanong Mo Kay Manalo (Ask Manalo), maybe Eraño and Eduardo Manalo can tape their program, then thoroughly edit it and just show what they want to show on television. But they are still hesitant to do that.


It can be remembered when Bro. Eli Soriano criticized Eraño Manalo in his preaching, Manalo hasn’t even preached for two minutes and yet Bro. Eli has already pointed out a lot of errors. When Manalo preaches even if it is only for a short while, Bro. Eli finds loopholes in his speech. How then this Manalo would put up a program on television, even if it is only a taped program? If they are going to broadcast a one hour taped program, Bro. Eli will be able to point out errors good for one and a half hours. If that will be the case, it really is frightening to subject their leaders to public scrutiny, because they know the capacity of their leaders.

Is it an exaggeration to say that Bro. Eli can point out errors good for one and a half hours? Bro. Eli surely has more to say than what these people could broadcast, if ever this father-and-son Manalo would broadcast for one hour. Maybe it will even take more than one and a half hours for Bro. Eli to finish narrating all their errors. We have fervently wished for this to happen, that they convince their leaders to show up publicly, their leaders Eraño and Eduardo, but their ministers had just made a lot of excuses. What can they expect from their leaders anyway?

Let’s leave the hopeless for a while and look at reality. For almost three decades, Bro. Eli Soriano has been open to public scrutiny on the radio and on television, and he stands firm by the doctrines that he preaches. That is how confident he is. But why are the actions seen from the camp of the Iglesia Ni Manalo entirely the opposite? It only means that the frequencies of the two groups are different. Very different. And surely, cowardice is not the frequency written in the Bible concerning the preacher of God.

If Eraño Manalo is no longer fit to fight Bro. Eli Soriano, WE CHALLENGE the second in command in the Iglesia Ni Manalo, which is Eduardo Manalo, to come out and fight our vice presiding minister, Bro. Daniel Razon. Why are you ministers of Manalo so afraid? Why are you so terribly afraid! Your fear of bringing your leaders out to the public is grave! All you do is propagate lies on television, print publication and even on the internet, showing yourselves as truly branded liars. You are just proving what your leader Eraño Manalo said about who you really are.

Eraño Manalo: Ngayon, kung ang isang manggagawa, mga kapatid, sinungaling, hindi pwedeng manindigan. Kung ang isang manggagawa kakampi sa katiwalian, hindi pwedeng manindigan. Kung ang isang manggagawa siya pang nagtuturo ng katiwalian, eh lalong masamang manggagawa ito. Wala nang sariling paninindigan ay siya pang kasangkapan ng diablo. Eh sino ho iyang ganyang manggagawa? Maraming manggagawa natin, halos lahat ganyan.


Eraño Manalo: Now, brethren, if a worker is a liar, he cannot stand firm. If a worker is an ally of corruption, he cannot stand firm. If a worker himself teaches corruption, this worker is much more evil. Having no conviction, he is even an instrument of the devil. And who are these workers? Many of our workers, almost all, are like that.


Another point that needs to be considered is why the new recruits in their program Ang Tamang Daan are not able to present any wrong teachings of Bro. Eli. The trend is defamation against Bro. Eli, but they cannot point out what teachings of Bro. Eli are wrong that is why they transferred to the Iglesia Ni Manalo. They cannot point out which doctrines are erroneous that made them leave (excommunicated actually) the congregation Bro. Eli leads. Supposed to be, these recruits should be able to prove that Christ is really a man, that Christ went up to heaven a man, and will come back again a man.

What is revealed in their program The Right Path (to hell) are the intentions of the hosts and of those who transferred to their group. Their intentions met that is why it is predictable that when someone joins them, those who were excommunicated in the Church of God, when they speak, it will be to defame.

If Eraño Manalo and Eduardo Manalo believe that the teachings they have received from Felix Manalo has no unrighteousness, they would have been seen on television for a long time now. If their doctrines are true, the television is a very fast medium to preach the Gospel; as well as the radio, internet, and many others. There are so many ways to preach the words of God, but Eraño Manalo and Eduardo Manalo have not utilized any. What are these billionaires doing then?

Preachers of God fight doctrine to doctrine. If this Manalo father-and-son can come out, what needs of those who were excommunicated in the Church of God to speak in their program? Besides, why don’t they continue to show Villadolid, Yvette Diolata, Nick Abadiano, Lintag, all of those excommunicates? Why don’t they let them say that “Here is true love. We are not being taught hatred here in the church of Manalo.” If they can prove that the faith they have acquired in the church of Manalo is greater than in the Church of God, why not talk about it? Why not talk about the teachings in their Pasugo? Such as this one: in Pasugo, August 1961, page 39, this is what Manalo said:

dapat nang itakwil


“At the end of this publication, we now ought to reject the catholic priests and the protestant pastors, for they are ministers of satan. We also ought to reject the Catholic Church and the different protestant churches, for they are not of God, but of satan or the devil.”


Yeah, come to think of it, why not talk about that doctrine of yours in Pasugo, hmm?


3 comments on “Why Can’t Eraño Manalo and Eduardo Manalo Preach on Television?

  1. Thelmo R. Inigo
    March 18, 2009

    Why are you people always throwing criticisms on these preachers? Why don’t you just leave them alone? The logic is just pure simple, can’t you see? They have already amassed wealth and the congregation is not complaining of their biblical ignorance. Their die hard brothers in church even benefit from their system. Prodding their preachers to come out in the open is like pushing a scavenger out of his den when its stomach is still full of decaying and rotten flesh.

    The problem with this church actually is not only in the preachers but in the members themselves. They are being fed everyday with the same boring unexplained biblical verses but they still cling to their doctrines as if they will benefit from them come judgment day. They had been told again and again that supper is partaken in the evening and not in the morning but still they do their santa cena (holy supper) rites after sunrise. Animals that cannot interpret a watch are smarter than them. I had not seen a flying owl or bat at daytime. Bears do not hibernate in the summer.

    When members of this church awake from their enchanted sleep to seek the truth, that will be the time when the Manalo’s would come out in the open to preach and defend their tenets long concealed in the dead of nights. Packs of wolves rest in the days when grass eaters proliferate in the fields, but they are uneasy when migratory herds were slowly vanishing from the horizon.

    Fear of hunger will push them to the limit, my friends. Stomach is their god, can’t you see the picture?

  2. Navigator
    June 7, 2009

    Bakit bawal magmahal ng ibang religion sa INC??? Masama bang magmahal ng di INC? I am a catholic. I respect INC as a religion pero yung tatanggalin ka kasi ibang religion ang minahal mo, I guess di ata tama yun.

  3. trys
    August 17, 2009


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