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The Variable, Loose and Weak Doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo of Manalo

The Iglesia Ni Cristo of Manalo is one religion that gropes in the dark when it comes to doctrines. Their teachings may be called “ala-chamba” – marked by great uncertainty.

The doctrine of “holy kiss” has been interpreted by this church. And guess what, they copied their explanation from the Protestants. Eraño Manalo, INC executive minister, has no intrinsic doctrine regarding the holy kiss. Even his deceased father, Felix Manalo, founder of INC, wasn’t able to teach him and his son Eduardo anything about the holy kiss. If Felix Manalo had any explanation, why would his ministers copy the explanation of the Protestants? They just copied the doctrine of pastors of other religion, which they teach to their members, while they themselves are not sure of its validity. Their teachings are variable, loose and weak.

For actuality, here is the video of Iglesia Ni Manalo ministers picking up doctrinal explanations from the Protestant:


Ramil Parba: In your question earlier, this is the explanation of those who examined the meaning of the holy kiss.

Michael Sandoval: Yes.

Ramil Parba: Here. Translated to our language, from Wycliffe Bible Commentary, page 1225. “Whatever in modern culture is symbolic of the deep affection Christians ought to feel toward each other – a kiss on the cheek, a warm handshake, a grasping of both hands – is the equivalent of the apostolic command.” This is the fruit of the examination of those who study the Bible, Brother Michael, regarding Romans 16:16, our stand is that the holy kiss, a manner of greeting, in other countries is beso-beso (cheek to cheek), [or] handshake; there is nothing wrong with that. And that is actually being done in the Iglesia Ni Cristo. There are members in the Iglesia Ni Cristo who do that. And one of the equivalents of that is handshake, according to what we have read.


It can be cheek to cheek, it can be a handshake, they said. They are not sure of the teaching because they only picked it up from the Protestants. Wycliffe Bible Commentary is not from the Iglesia Ni Cristo of Manalo, it is Wycliffe’s. And Wycliffe is a Protestant. If we are going to look into Pasugo, official magazine of the Iglesia Ni Cristo of Manalo, they once said that they ought to reject Protestant pastors as well as Catholic priests because they are of the devil. But when they didn’t have an explanation for the holy kiss, they picked up their explanation from the Protestants. In Pasugo, August 1961 issue, page 39, it says:

dapat nang itakwil


“At the end of this publication, we now ought to reject the catholic priests and the protestant pastors, for they are ministers of satan. We also ought to reject the Catholic Church and the different protestant churches, for they are not of God, but of satan or the devil. Rejecting them and their erroneous doctrines is your obedience to God, to Christ and to the Apostles.”


Are they rejecting only the Protestants and Catholics? No. They also reject the doctrines because they said they are erroneous. These people are trained to eat their own words. Reject, they said, but now they adopt, because they don’t have an explanation regarding the meaning of the holy kiss. They took the explanation of Wycliffe, who is a protestant. They said these people must be rejected, but when they can’t find an explanation from their Bible, they will get the explanation of those whom they believe to be of the devil—if aren’t these ministers such big fools!

Worse, after reading Wycliffe’s Bible Commentary, they explained that the holy kiss is “beso-beso” or cheek-to-cheek. But Wycliffe’s explanation doesn’t include cheek-to-cheek. Wycliffe said, “a kiss on the cheek”; that is not cheek-to-cheek or beso-beso. What you use to kiss is the lips or the mouth, not the cheek. A kiss is an activity of the mouth; it is not cheek to cheek. Beso-beso is cheek to cheek. The true kiss on the cheek is when you really kiss the cheek. That is what Wycliffe said, “a kiss on the cheek”, not beso-beso. This is not to defend Wycliffe or to adopt his explanation, but to show how foolish these ministers of Manalo are. They say it is beso-beso; and then handshake. They don’t have a firm doctrine. Their doctrines and beliefs are unstable.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo of Manalo also rejects the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Before, they call Christ God. That is in their Pasugo, that Christ is called God. He is the child mentioned in Isaiah 9:6, and He is called God. But now they don’t even want to mention it and to call Christ God. Although in their Pasugo in 1939, they say that Christ is called God. In Pasugo, August 1939, page 16-17:



Is our Lord Jesus Christ also called God? Let us read the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah in 9:6:

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

The boy who shall be born whom Isaiah refers to is our Lord Jesus Christ.


In this publication, they said that the child being mentioned is Christ, and He shall be called God. But later on, in another Pasugo, they are not anymore willing to accept that Christ is the one who shall be called God in that verse. In Pasugo, Nov-Dec 1985, page 33:


TRANSLATION (of excerpt at the center):

It cannot be proven that The mighy God mentioned [in Isaiah 9:6] is the child who shall be born.


They now say that it cannot be proven that the one to be called The mighty God is the child, but in their earlier Pasugo, in 1939, they said it was Christ. These people really have confusing doctrines, like burned half-cooked rice. It really tastes aweful. That is the kind of doctrine Manalo feeds his members.


2 comments on “The Variable, Loose and Weak Doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo of Manalo

  1. John Adhery
    July 14, 2009

    Again, this is the test of the truth. Is the truth consistent, reliable and credible? The INC doctrines are not one of them mentioned. It’s a cut and paste doctrines that fits whatever they want at the time. I pray that these individuals find the truth.

  2. estoka
    August 17, 2009

    very well said…i also find it hard to believe them..most of their doctrines are man made lies..

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