Emily Jordan

The True Face of the Rapist Felix Manalo

Felix Manalo, founder of the organization Iglesia Ni Cristo, did not just rape his members; he also abused his authority by spending his members’ money in all his vices.

October 28, 1954. Weekly newspaper The Bombshell published the 2nd of its three-part series of expose about the self-claimed “angel rising in the east” Felix Manalo. The front page headline was: FELIX MANALO, IMMORAL?

Felix Manalo, Immoral

On page 6, which was a Tagalog Section, a whole article was written exclusively for Manalo. It contains the original Tagalog letter of Rosita Trillanes, in which some portions were omitted in the first part of the series published a week earlier, October 21. (To enlarge image, press Ctrl +)

Ganid sa Laman

Following are transcript of the omitted portions in the first issue:


(Copy of the Decisions of the Court of Appeals reserved in favor of ROSITA and against Manalo.)

Marahil ang dahilan kung kaya si Liloy ay nagbitiw ay sapagka’t sinikap ni Manalong pilitin si Amada. Ang lahat ng mga itong kanyang mga nilapastangan ay nangatatakot magsabi sapagka’t sila’y binalaang papatayin kung sila’y magsasabi, katulad ng ginawa niya kay Basilia Santos ng Paco, na itinuturo niya si Manalo bilang ama ng kanyang dalawang anak. Naging balitang balita ito sa Paco.

Bago nagpunta si Manalo sa America ay dinala niya ako sa bahay ng mga Protacio sa Pasay. Ngunit noong wala pang isang buwan ay dumating siya upang kunin niya akong pabalik, nangangambang baka sinabi ko sa mga Protacio ang lahat ng kanyang inasal at ginawa sa akin: noong ako’y tumangging sumama sa kanya ay binalaan niya ako ng masama ay tinakot niya ako ng isang rebolber at sa pamamagitan ng lakas ay pinilit niya akong sumama sa kanya. Pagkatapos nito ay pinalayas niya sa Iglesiya ang mga maganak na Protacio at pinaratangan ng kabulaanan.

Kanyang ginugugol ang lahat niyang buwanang sahod na P1,300.00 ukol sa mga babae at sa mahahalay na mga gawain, samantalang ang abang manggagawa sa Iglesiya ay tumatanggap lamang ng P5.00, P10.00, P15.00, P20.00 isang buwan. Ang nangyari sa lahat ninyong mga abuloy na iniaalay sa Diyos ay napupunta sa kanya at bagay na kanyang ginugugol ukol sa lahat niyang mahahalay na mga gawa. Sinabi ko kay kapatid na Doro ang lahat ng bagay na ito noong si Manalo ay naroon pa sa America.

Sa ganitong paraan ay pababayaan ba ninyong pagmalabisan ni Manalo ang mga kaanib at tanggapin ang Iglesiya sa ngalan ng Diyos? Hindi ba ninyo iniibig ang Iglesiya? Ang inyong asawa at mga anak na babae ay nasa panganib sa kasawian sa mahahalay na pita ng taong iyan na ipinalalagay at kinikilala ninyong bilang tagapagturo ng mga salita ng Diyos.

Ipinagtatapat ko sa inyo ang lahat ng bagay na ito, ipinauubaya ko sa inyo ang kapasiyahan na magagawa ninyo kung tunay na iniibig ninyo ang Iglesiya at ang Diyos. Sa paghimok sa babaing iniibig niya maging siya ay isang dalaga o isang may asawa, ay binabanggit niya ang maraming asawa ni Solomon at inaangkin niyang ang taong sinugo ng Diyos ay dapat gawing maligaya at ang pagpayag at pagsangayon sa kanyang mga ninanais ay isang kapuripuring gawa sa mga mata ng Diyos.

Ang inyong kapatid na naging sawingpalad dahil sa malabis na…




(Copy of the Decisions of the Court of Appeals reserved in favor of ROSITA and against Manalo.)

Perhaps the reason why Liloy resigned is because Manalo attempted to coerce Amada. All these people he violated fear to speak up because they were threatened to be killed if they do speak, like what he did with Basilia Santos of Paco, who was pointing at Manalo as the father of her two children. This was well-known in Paco.

Before Manalo went to America, he brought me to the house of the Protacio in Pasay. But in less than a month he came to take me back, worrying that I could have told the Protacio everything that he did to me. When I refused to go with him, he threatened me with a revolver and with his strength he forced me to come with him. Afterwards he excommunicated the Protacio family and accused them falsely.

He spends all his monthly salary of P1,300.00 in women and lewd activities, while the poor workers in the Church receive only P5.00, P10.00, P15.00, P20.00 a month. All your contributions which you offer to God goes to him, which he spends in all his lewd activities. I told all these things to brother Doro when Manalo was in America.

In this manner would you allow Manalo to take advantage of the members and accept the Church in the name of God? Do you not love the Church? Your wives and daughters are in danger of suffering from the lusts of that man whom you consider and revere as a preacher of the words of God.

I confess to you all these things and leave you the decision, which you can make if you truly love the Church and God. In persuading the women he loves, whether a maiden or a married woman, he mentions the many wives of Solomon and claims that the man sent of God should be made happy, and the consent and agreement to his desires is honorable in the eyes of God.

Your ill-fated sister…



November 4, 1954. “MANALO RAPED ME — ROSITA”



25 comments on “The True Face of the Rapist Felix Manalo

  1. Capt. Smiley
    March 17, 2009

    A man who sexually abuses women and threatens to end their lives if they ever surface is beyond immoral. He who does so is evil.

    A man who uses his congregation’s money for sexual gratification is not just evil, he is a false prophet. He who is a false prophet is undoubtedly a son of the devil.

    I pity those who continue to look up to Manalo as a religious leader.

    By the way, this is extensive work. I applaud you.

  2. mr. c1ay
    March 17, 2009

    Interesting topic!

  3. Thelmo R. Inigo
    March 18, 2009

    The story is told all over again. Why can’t these members awake and seek the true church? From the time of the soutane-wearing friars to this modern times of preachers wearing immaculate polo barong, history has always repeated itself. False prophets always play god as if they own the whole universe. Maybe, that’s their true role here on earth. To do the evil part and deceive the innocent.

  4. Perspective
    July 13, 2009

    Well I’m not an INC member…..but is these documents seems are just too biased?
    because just nowadays it is easy to make such Documents like that and published it all over the internet….and besides regarding those tabloids and newspapers…they seem to be to be too biased,,just remember that most filipinos are 87% catholic and I wouldn’t mind if an Editor-in-Chief would make it as a Headline…because first it is very controversial and the second factor he/she is from another religion…

    just think about this…nakarinig naba kayo na merong nanggahasang pari? o di kaya isang sakristan na nanggahasa o di kaya nambugbog,,,,o kaya yung balitang isang hermano nanaksak,,,
    Of course not!!..this would not even appear in Newspapers,,,and the most impossible thing to make it as a headline,,

    you should ask yourselves about this, How reliable is that Affidavit?,,,where do it come from?, is the story really true?, who wrote it? and Did you really know the story? I think not..

    Do not depend yourselves on Mass Media, search for yourselves and don’t take just one side of the story as a basis of your belief,

    Look at one story at different perspectives..

  5. emilyjordan
    July 13, 2009


    The perspective you’re looking from is distorted, that’s why you can’t see that the internet is filled with news regarding priests and catholic clergies that have done gross sexual abuses and murderous rampage. Maybe you need RESEARCH 101.

    And about your “I’m not an INC member” drama, I’m not buying it. Diverting the spotlight from INC to catholic is useless, too. Besides, the documents provided here are authentic. They are unquestionable proofs.

    There’s no need to bluff if you know the truth.

  6. John Adhery
    July 14, 2009

    The INC fits the cult profile. What is common is that cults usually have a charismatic leader who abuses his power and authority. Also, the doctrines reject Jesus as God, reject the trinity and teach that in order to be saved you must have faith plus works. This all contradicts the biblical teachings. In addition, all cults have an underlying power and control over its members. They want to control your time, mind, money, relationships with others, etc. They tend to isolate you from others that are not in the church.

    I should know I’m a member of the INC for almost 10 years. I had to join the church in order to marry my wife. I have not believed in the INC from the very beginning and I had made that clear to my wife and to the members of the church. I’ve had to watch what I say because I have been informally counseled about my rejection to their teachings. Again, they want to control. You may ask why do I continue to be in this church. Well, the holy spirit has communicated to me and told me I should be in this church so that I can teach the INC members the truth. That is my purpose. I’m trying to bring light to this dark church.

  7. Josh
    July 25, 2009

    I applaud you! I am in a similar situation but continues to ask questions that the minister cannot answer. I share my questions and the answers i receive to other members of the INC and they continue to tell me to ask other issues. They refuse to read the Bible because they say the ministers can interpret it to them already. They have the impression the the administration neither encourage or discourage them to read the Bible. I tell them seek the truth by reading the Bible. I guess even if they do that, they’re very hesitant to ask the deacons or the minister anything they couldn’t understand because they’re supposed to know them already and it would appear they are doubting or questioning the doctrines of the INC.

  8. Milo Hart
    July 27, 2009

    to all you MCGI cronies,

    you can applaud each other all you want. we won’t take your dripping envy and preposterous scrutiny against you. it is but natural for you to react in this manner knowing you will not and will NEVER have the same massive influence the Iglesia ni Cristo possesses.

    this ludicrous blogsite you got going as a cheap attempt at clinging on the Iglesia ni Cristo limelight is bordering on desperate. honestly.

    and as for you emily, and the one you call your religious leader who is currently connsidered one of philippine’s wanted fugitives facing multiple libel and other criminal cases, kilabutan kayo sa mga sinasabi niyo.

    (and if you filter this post, you might as well verify my statement as accurate and concise)

    try researching wikipedia on the history of your religion and you’ll find a great deal of your accusations will bounce right back at you.

  9. emilyjordan
    July 27, 2009

    Milo Hart,

    you will not and will NEVER have the same massive influence the Iglesia ni Cristo possesses.

    Massive influence you say? Massive influence is nonsense if it is negative, just like the influence Iglesia ni Manalo demonstrates in politics. A Christian will not envy that kind of influence, inasmuch as the Lord Jesus Christ himself had no political influence; hence He was crucified.

    this ludicrous blogsite you got going as a cheap attempt at clinging on the Iglesia ni Cristo limelight is bordering on desperate.

    You are the only one desperate here, since your leader cannot defend his teachings. Such a pity you can’t defend your preacher either. He’s been exposed.

    and as for you emily, and the one you call your religious leader who is currently connsidered one of philippine’s wanted fugitives facing multiple libel and other criminal cases, kilabutan kayo sa mga sinasabi niyo.

    Yes, he is facing multiple libel and other criminal cases, thanks to the Iglesia ni Manalo who cannot defend its teachings thus resorting to persecutions in the court of men. But wait until the court of God’s justice comes, let’s see how your “massive influence” will work out.

    (and if you filter this post, you might as well verify my statement as accurate and concise)

    try researching wikipedia on the history of your religion and you’ll find a great deal of your accusations will bounce right back at you.

    Since you are too desperate to have your comment approved, here, and see your accurate and concise ignorance. Wikipedia is not reliable in terms of biography of living persons, if you didn’t know. It can be edited by just any person, even by ignorant people like you.

  10. Milo Hart
    July 27, 2009

    oh and there really is no need for your self pities just because your religion has been abundantly proven ridiculous by DOJ, MTRCB, and GMA (to name a few).

    don’t feel sorry for yourselves. that’s not necessary.
    we feel sorry (among other things) for you already.

    in any case emily, i think you would agree when i say your religion has already received more than enough publicity it has desperately been pleading for.

    pinansin na kayo. so just be grateful.

  11. emilyjordan
    July 27, 2009

    Milo Hart,

    Thank God that DOJ, MTRCB, and GMA are on the side of INC to persecute the ADD, and yet ADD members still grow in number in different countries. Whether you can persecute us by filing more libel and rape charges in courts, even if your ministers order to kill us all just like what they did to Marcos Mataro and some of our church workers, it doesn’t change the fact that your leaders are cowards who cannot face their nemesis Bro. Eli Soriano in a one-on-one debate.

    Feeling sorry for myself? Self-pity? You should feel sorry for yourself for sticking with a leader who had raped his own members and was laid hands on by catholic and protestant pastors whom your ministers say are of satan!

  12. Milo Hart
    July 28, 2009

    nicely done emily. eloquently put and yet still a halfwit troglodyte.

  13. emilyjordan
    July 28, 2009

    Milo Hart,

    As if your comment answered any issue. Answer the issues and be issue-oriented. My readers don’t need a display of your pseudo-intellect.

  14. Milo Hart
    July 28, 2009

    which is more reliable, a collaborative web encyclopedia containing 2,972,029 articles
    vs a minute blogspot comprising of 11 purely subjective posts from an anonymous amateur author?

    hhhmmm, that’s a tough one…

  15. emilyjordan
    July 28, 2009

    Milo Hart,

    Wikipedia is filled with disputes especially when it comes to biographies of living people. And even if it should contain a billion articles, it doesn’t make the site foolproof, that is why the site itself doesn’t guarantee something that you would like it to guarantee. Your argument is lame. You are insulting not just my blog, but all other blogs that contain few but reliable contents.

    And it does remind me, how that INC members are so proud when it comes to the number of their membership, as if the size of their organization is key to being of God, regardless if it is an organization of murderers. And now you apply the same poor logic with Wikipedia.

    Moreover, I would like to quote the phrase in your comment where you inserted your deceit: “11 purely subjective posts.” When you say purely subjective, it means you do not respect the authenticity of the references I used in the article. You were not belittling the value of my blog but rather insulting the references I cited and showing how reckless you are with your judgments.

    By the way, just so you know there is a blog that contains only a few articles, but it doesn’t make the blog unreliable like what you imply.

    Here it is for your reading pleasure: http://jakeastudillo.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/portrait-of-the-raped-man-for-whom-the-interpol-would-mobilize/

  16. Milo Hart
    July 28, 2009

    you might want to reconsider your name to ‘EMILY JORDAN: triple A’ (Anonymous Amateur Author)

  17. emilyjordan
    July 28, 2009

    Milo Hart,

    I have a better suggestion. How about Emily Jordan: Expositor of Crimes and Erroneous Doctrines of the Iglesia ni Manalo? Sounds cool, right?

  18. Milo Hart
    July 28, 2009

    FYI, the word ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Nuisance’ is not synonymous. look it up dearie.

    your religious organization has changed its name four times in a span of not more than a decade.

    you and your congregation is nothing more than a derisive, impudent and ludicrously futile imitation.

    tsk tsk… =)

  19. emilyjordan
    July 28, 2009

    Milo Hart,

    Try some more words in the dictionary, Milo, and please study how to use them properly. For example, the word “derisive.” Derisive means contemptuous or mocking. Let us see to whom this word applies.

    How about the word “hypocrite”, haven’t you seen that in the dictionary? Here, learn from your ministers who have internalized that word.

  20. Milo Hart
    July 28, 2009

    the primary reason why neither brethren manalo nor any of our ministers would never engage in a ‘one-on-one’ debate against your worthless fugitive sanctimonious hypocrite leader is that it is an infinite waste of their time.

    if you think Iglesia ni Cristo is responsible for the murder of Mataro…GO AHEAD AND SUE! instead of whining and ranting. what about you dear emily, would you like to be sued for copyright infringement? ;)

  21. emilyjordan
    July 28, 2009

    Milo Hart,

    Beneath their caliber? What an excuse. That’s what I call “cowardice in disguise”. That’s what your preachers and ministers feed you, don’t they? Here, why don’t you have a taste of your ministers’ “cowardice in disguise” in response to Bro. Eli’s debate challenge.

    Manalo, lumabas ka na! Para di ka na kailangang pagtakpan ng mga miyembro mo!

  22. Milo Hart
    July 28, 2009

    in case you haven’t noticed, the Iglesia ni Cristo has come from a small country to as far as every corner of the globe. it is undeniable even for you that a church that has grown that much IS guided by a supreme divine power.

    kayo. who do you suppose is guiding you? think my dear. =)

  23. emilyjordan
    July 28, 2009

    Milo Hart,

    In case you haven’t noticed, the Members Church of God International has come from a small country to as far as every corner of the globe. So, who do you suppose is guiding us?

    Think, my dear.

  24. Masked Rider Dark Kiva
    August 4, 2009

    emilyjordan, where is manalo: angel or sex maniac part 2 and 3? the article please.

  25. emilyjordan
    August 6, 2009

    Masked Rider,

    What you’re looking for is in the follow-up article “The True Face of the Rapist Felix Manalo”.

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